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hair like wool, Big Beard... Black Jesus/
i got gifts for the whole town... Black Santa/
my rap dreams used to include a Black Phantom/
now i want a fleet of 5 all-Black Tahoes/
Black MoBsters, my disciples go wherever i go/
don't confuse for me Black Disciple, i push the 5 though/
Last Supper of the night, Red LoBster/
the devil is lie, i'm an angel in this Prada eating angel hair pasta/
American Shotta... Waco, Texas Rasta/
Ballin' like a nigga on the Houston Texans roster/
this shit designer, hip-hop Balenciaga... rap Givenchy/
But i'm MK forever, nigga... Mixtape Killa, nigga/
Lil' Mike on the mic, Mixtape Thriller, nigga/
Jesus had to Be Black, that's how they treat a nigga/
i'm tryna tell them i'm God's Gift, they don't Believe a nigga/
eyes Bleeding, i'm down to die for what i Believe in nigga/
hair like wool, Big Beard... Black Jesus, nigga

hair like wool, Big Beard... Black Jesus/
homie asked me "do you pray to God or do you pray to Jesus?"/
i pray to God in the name of Jesus/
you don't play with God & you don't play with Jesus/
the devil's deceiving, you can't Believe him/
25 [mixtapes] in 4 quarters, ain't take a Breather/
my fans & my haters seated in the same Bleachers/
But it ain't Beef until you see us shooting up Caprices/
hair like wool, Big Beard... Black Jesus/
young Black genius, all year is tax season/
my New Year's Resolution, 100 racks even by the summer/
all i gotta do is stack, it's that easy/
Black Jesus, niggas threw me in the cross/
quit every joB i ever had, always knew i'd Be a Boss/
tatted up with that Big Beard, call me Wiz Ross/
wifey looking like a mixed, long hair Amber Rose/
fashion pros, never catch us wearing average clothes/
praying, smoking on that Mother Mary from the Motherland/
riding clean through the hood... Black preacher, n!gga/
hair like wool, Big Beard... Black Jesus, n!gga

hair like wool, Big Beard... Black Jesus/
chinchilla dreads, i only wash my shit with rain water/
can't wash them when i'm down in Southern California/
wifey flawless like "what if God had a daughter?"/
the loud smoke followed By the Black & Mild smoke/
these niggas shit Be sounding like some shit my child wrote/
still married to the game, it's time to review my vows now/
still Mr.106 in my town, shoutout to Bow Wow/
nigga used to travel with the Bible on the dashboard/
riding around trapping with the Bible on my lap now/
lapping them like Nascar, ain't tryna pull the race card,/
But won't Be satisfied until i'm maxing out a Black card/
flashBack to 2nd verse, i said it on the last part/
all a nigga gotta do is stack hard, it ain't that hard/
& when you're this hard, you ain't gotta act hard/
God's child, Black Jesus, young rap god/
lowercase g on that God/
for what it's worth, i'm Ballin' like Jesus Shuttlesworth


from WHAT IF GOD WAS FOUND HERE?, released December 24, 2013
QVISTAR + dTWINE music and lrics dTwine (production)




GUILDWORKS New York, New York

GUILDWORKS iABRAHAM Interfaith collective fuses modern socially/spiritually-conscious Christian|Muslim|Jewish sounds with world ethnoindigenous sonic soulfood. Innovating contemporary sounds through an architecture of radical hospitality, GUILDWORKS iABRAHAM music initiatives inspire spiritual repair for global communities. Music is licensed under CC BY ND and KONOMARK. ... more

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