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IMMANUEL Immanuel (Hebrew עִמָּנוּאֵל "God is with us"; also Romanized Emmanuel, Imanu'el) is a symbolic name which appears in chapters 7 and 8 of the Book of Isaiah [as part of a prophecy assuring king Ahaz of Judah of God's protection against enemy kings] The name and prophecy of Immanuel are quoted in the Gospel of Matthew as a sign verifying the divine status of Jesus.



How could God fold in to the fabric of cold skin
so that old men under a star could hold Him?
born in a bin cuz the city had no Inn
what a pity that the people didnt know Him
Oh! Bethelehem your sky was so thin
didnt even try to hide the Hope within
heavens open wide to let the oceans swim
"Peace on Earth" spoke the Golden Rim
of angels found a few of lifes broken men
to show the rest of us how to behold a gem
go and tell the Word thats now life and limb
that Immanuel will grow to throw the yoke of sin
hope cant choke the well of grace were soaking in
nor provoke the Son of Man to turn stone bread thin
youre not alone my friend the very bones you bend
hinge upon the fact that Gods throne extends
you could comb the ends of the earth without rest
stockpile all the treasures that youve sown in flesh
God smiles Hes the one whose always known you best
thrown himself head first into our broken dress

Everywhere that we go, everywhere, everywhere

Christ among the people his life without equal
I write to right evil this fight to bring lethally
bright to dark we know that light is just sequal
to mic me through steeple windpipe I gotta show (blow)

You swear Youre right there so Im tearing at thin air
been daring You to let me catch a glimpse but where
frantic for the touch of a Maker that might care
like clutching for the sun but only catching the glare
a fetching fine lady thats letting you stare but
your betting paycheck that really she dont care
like no tapedeck for that cassette to blare
is it still Illmatic if the static impair?
I want work my fingers through the dirt to get a handful
of Your body that was broken just to feel something tangible
and then sample a storm between my lips
just to savor the flavor of warm rain when God spits
I want to grip both sides of Your face
and steal a last glimpse of the sun before the daybreaks
tip the cosmos craddeling space
until Im able to taste the liquor of Gods grace

A gardens no place to spill blood or break a sweat
where creation tries to press itself through earths fallowed flesh
saw the Son of Man’s chest fill with love to brace for death
in His face the resurrection reflected with each breath
as he wept even still in the quietness they slept
bless My children who have gone, walked with Me, and havent yet
cuz id die a thousand deaths upon the cross the crucify
this gap between us both cuz thats the reason why
Can’t, can’t can’t sleep, can’t, can’t Rip Van Winkle
Nothin but the heartfelt on each an every single.

-the Have Nots


from WHAT IF GOD WAS FOUND HERE?, released December 24, 2013


all rights reserved



GUILDWORKS New York, New York

GUILDWORKS iABRAHAM Interfaith collective fuses modern socially/spiritually-conscious Christian|Muslim|Jewish sounds with world ethnoindigenous sonic soulfood. Innovating contemporary sounds through an architecture of radical hospitality, GUILDWORKS iABRAHAM music initiatives inspire spiritual repair for global communities. Music is licensed under CC BY ND and KONOMARK. ... more

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