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They say that Ramle's people are lost,
Walking in the street aimlessly - drug sellers!
Kneelers to violence
Still breast-fed by their mums
Never giving a damn to anybody else's say.
An dreadful future is for him - awaiting

If you reach the age of 30 - You'll be exceptionally lucky
Since youngsters my age, have already been orphaned for years.
What!? From a government's bullets? No - It's our brothers' bullets who constantly provoke and hassle me throughout my life

Ramle's people are unaware of their own origins/roots
Am walking by walking by – walking towards my end
Am walking by, walking by – leaving everyone behind

Yo people, wake up! why are you buttoned up?
The solution never comes - with the years going by – Or Time ain’t never gonna heal us
We're standing-still, close mouthed and ignoring what's around us
Instead of blaming ourselves
We blame everybody else
hey man,
A ramlewee film starts before - ACTION
Our youngsters slaughter each other and the government is ever indifferent and careless

Saz didn’t come for posing
I came to save ramla from worse), and bring a flourishing period in
A lot of dreams have gone wasted in this town. What a pity!
All plants have shrunk down, All the people 've lost the touch
The touch that touched us all - god bless us and save us
And us? Well, we've already forgotten that we rot like a fig,

Once, Ramle always used to be number one,
Today, we thank God, if they even mentioned us
They totally ignore us! Leave us!
Throw us to the sea! Drown us!
Hey bro, when will they save us? Will they really?
Number 15 is not a lottery number.
It's every drug dealer's number - and his motto -
His life story and his beginning
How he started selling drugs, and now brought trouble to his family
A trouble that echoes the sound of “Ratat” (the sound of an M16 pistol)
Just ‘cos of a misunderstanding - he found his grave.

Everything people say about us is a big tell-tales,
They say that we're animals,
Living like lions in the jungle,
Who’s dead? What the hell?
A youngster’s just crossed the red line?
Every line you cross - you pay with your life
Watch out! The enemy is stepping on your shadow
It feels bad- I Don’t envy you!
‘Cos however hard you try to walk - you remain standing still.
24 hours fearing getting shot,
Fearing to see your end before your beginning,
Fearing to see all your friends putting a rose on your grave,
Amir, you were a prince all your life,
And now, in heaven, you've become God’s prisoner,
I always ask - when is this situation gonna change?!
Could we choose when? Or will it be imposed upon us?
The sound of the churches' bells and mosque's prayers - don’t denote any happy occasions
Instead, they symbolise every heartbroken Arab mother.

Yo flesh and blood brothers -
The situation’s getting worse,
It's really sad what's happening here,
We're patient, but the burden's getting heavier,
Poor thing, I swear it's pitiful!
We got no one- but mighty God.
Since that day – I’ve realised what's life about.
The situation ain’t changing

- Sameh SAZ Zakout


from WHAT IF GOD WAS FOUND HERE?, released December 24, 2013
Sameh SAZ Zakout and Ibrahim Sakallah




GUILDWORKS New York, New York

GUILDWORKS iABRAHAM Interfaith collective fuses modern socially/spiritually-conscious Christian|Muslim|Jewish sounds with world ethnoindigenous sonic soulfood. Innovating contemporary sounds through an architecture of radical hospitality, GUILDWORKS iABRAHAM music initiatives inspire spiritual repair for global communities. Music is licensed under CC BY ND and KONOMARK. ... more

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