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Get ur money, skip a broad it's what the streets told us/ middle finger to there faces when u see the rollers/ a funny message in the music but we still endors it/ ppl rap about crap that rlly ain't important/ nice cars nice clothes realistate in different spots alternating timezones/ really ain't a limit to the things that u own/ if u want it u can buy it ur a king on a throne/ but who can relate if ur so above average?/ how can I feel ya if my life isn't lavish?/ I'm starving I'm famished, trynna feed my family/ I work hard five days a week ya understand me??/ how can he if he the one who sets the standard?/ how ya match what these rappers have a established?/ sell ur independance just the roll with the gimmicks/ the American dream, money power and women/ 

don't mind me I'm just outloud thinkin/ it seems the common man is on the brink of extinction/ we don't pay attention to the garbage we speaking/ and those we call fans it's amazing how we treat them/ Suddenly humilitys a thing of the past/ how u on this Jesus hype bruh? That stuff ain't fenna last/ u wanna be heard ya better tighten up ya swag/ lyin is the future get with the program/ but me Ima waiter and my wife work in realistate/ rap is what I do tho, I seized the opportunity/ trynna make a living off this gift I was given/ by provoking peoples thought in the way we make decisions/ outlook on life im suggestin somethin different/ lookin outside yaself and u can see the bigger picture/ 1080p that's the highest definition/ next to LED put dimension on ya vision/ 

women want security, men just want the glory/ the power and respect and they'll do anything for it/ abandon our values forsaking our morals/ to gain a greater status man we hear the same story/ the game need change but nobodys trynna change it/ man these rappers just readin off the same script/ so what exactly are these artists really changing?/ yo these artists aren't rlly trynna change zip/ I remain a commoner, i come from the bottom/ in or out the studio, I remain solid/ I love my wife, I love my brothers/ need anything for me I'd do anything for em/ authenticity is way more important/ than puttin on an act trynna fit a category/ but this business is just one huge fad/ lyin is the future get with the program/


from WHAT IF GOD WAS FOUND HERE?, released December 24, 2013
Cameron Williams




GUILDWORKS New York, New York

GUILDWORKS iABRAHAM Interfaith collective fuses modern socially/spiritually-conscious Christian|Muslim|Jewish sounds with world ethnoindigenous sonic soulfood. Innovating contemporary sounds through an architecture of radical hospitality, GUILDWORKS iABRAHAM music initiatives inspire spiritual repair for global communities. Music is licensed under CC BY ND and KONOMARK. ... more

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